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Vergolder Werkzeug

Gilding - the craft

Gold is a fascinating material that is used not only in jewelry, but also as a material for impressive accents in art & Architecture finds. 

There are a large number of sacred and secular buildings around the world in which our craft can be found.

The restoration will preserve works of historical and cultural value both outside and inside.

The work of the gilder is also used in modern times. Wall gilding, yacht furnishings or hotels, the areas of application cover a wide range of areas.

A large number of historical buildings in Vienna are equipped with elements of gilding: the Vienna Hofburg, Schönbrunn Palace, Liechtenstein Palace and many more. 

To the exhibitions

We are happy to show our objects to interested people. 

Across Austria, 95 companies deliver the craft. Many colleagues & Colleagues contributed to realizing this exhibition. 

Ein altes Gemälde von dem Handwerk der Vergolder & Staffierer bei der Arbeit

Die Mitwirkenden Meister und Meisterinnen der Fachgruppe der Vergolder & Staffierer:


Markus Christoph Bauer

Michael Dallendörfer

Elfriede Edlmaier

Ing. Tatjana Grössinger

Heinrich Helminger

Mag. Martina Hoffinger

Josef Kollreider

Friedrich Leonhartsberger

Waltraud Luegger

Beatrix Maier

Jenifer Matzohl

Ing. Barbara Oberlerchner-Nemec

Bianca Stefanie Muster

Stefan Nachförg

Valentin Schaunigg

Georg Smolka

Mag. Barbara Steiner

Veronika Wildner

Verena Thurner

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